About LH

About Korea Land and Housing Corporation

LH was launched in 2009 by merging two largest public corporations in Korea (Korea Land Corporation (KLC) and Korea National Housing Corporation (KNHC)). Under the government's new direction for public corporations advancement, the blueprint of LH foundation is to minimize duplicate functions, improve management efficiency and contribute in national economic development.

The organization of LH consists of Main Head Quarters (HQ) (6 divisions, 1 research institute, 3 units, and 53 departments), 12 regional HQs and 12 project divisions. There are 5,600 staff members who are specialized in systematic implementation of national land and housing policies.

The major functions and duties of LH are as follows:

  • To construct and supply decent and affordable housing units, improve residential environment, and provide tailored residential welfare programs for less privileged group of the citizens.
  • To develop land for new housings, new towns, multi-functional administrative cities and new innovative cities.
  • To execute urban regeneration projects for better, comfortable and efficient residential spaces and sustainable urban environment.
  • To develop industrial and logistics complexes, Kaesong Industrial complex, Free Economic Zones (FEZs), and overseas land and improve national competitiveness as well as employments.
  • To manage reserved land, rental housings, provide land and housing information.

For further information about LH, please visit : http://world.lh.or.kr